The Authentic Medium: bringing credibility and honesty to mediumship and psychic readings.

My name is Allison Michaela. I have trained with the best mentor, internationally renowned Medium Charlie Kelly to ensure the service I provide for you is high quality and authentic. I have experienced bereavement, I understand the pain of loss and I know the healing that mediumship can provide.

I bring a trusted approach to evidential mediumship, tailored to meet your needs. In my readings I will give you evidence that, your loved ones spirit, their essence, survives death and they are still connected with you.

Spiritiualism and the spirit world brings healing and positivity, they are so willing to give us guidance, help and support if we ask, trust and engage.

It's a sharing of energy, to bring healing, to renew and transform life.

All readings are individual, to meet your needs, see the options below or email me to discuss your needs.

If you need something different to the bookings options - timezone availability or group booking please email me directly so we can schedule and plan together.

I also believe everyone has the ability to connect with spirit, if you are interested in developing your skills, check out my courses being launched in June 2024.

Come and join one of my interactive workshops (suitable for everyone including absolute beginners) see the events tab for details.