Evidential Mediumship is when the medium connects with your loved ones in spirit and provides you with evidence that enables you to identify who they are connected with. This will be their personality and also should include things like a memory or fact that you recognise and connect with that person. Once you have recognised who the connection is with the reading will then go into a message where spirit give you guidance. If there is someone specific you wish to connect with you can ask me either at the start or in the middle or the read to bring them through.
In a psychic reading the reader (The Authentic Medium) connects with your (The sitter) energy and the reading will be around you and your situation. You can bring a specific question or have a general reading. This can be with or without tarot / oracle cards.
In an evidential mediumship reading the medium connects with the spirit world and connects with someone you know providing evidence their spirit lives on and a message / guidance for you. You can tell the Authentic Medium whom you want to connect with or see who comes through for you.
Well first of all let me say hello, my name is Allison Michaela, one of the best ways to check if I'm real is to come and chat with me at an event or watch one of my free live demonstrations and maybe you will be lucky enough to get a free reading.
Sadly just like any service there are trusted providers who do a great job and others who take advantage, who just want your money for little return.
When working with spirit one of the principles is being in service - to bring healing to others. I have spent years developing my mediumship. I am determined like those I trained under to bring credibility and honesty to mediumship. Every medium is different my best advice is follow your instincts, don't give too much detail before the reading and trust.
I have created this page to support a safe space to connect with spirit. I developed my skills after bereavement, I know the pain and I know the healing mediumship can bring. I aim to share healing and encourage people to grow.
I believe mediumship is about being in service, it is not about my ego or me. I have developed a skill to bring healing messages to others. The messages are not for me or from me, they are for you from spirit. I am not trying to become famous and promote me, I offer you my expertise which I have worked hard to be the best that I can.
For those of you for whom its important to know, yes I am a person, my name is Allison Michaela and I live in the South West of England with my family.
I have trained intensively for the last fours years to ensure my skills are authentic and ready to service spirit. My background is nursing, my future is bring healing through spiritual connections.
Book a reading or come to class and you will meet me !
Yes - I can do a mediumship readings to connect you with your pets that are in spirit. It won't be the same as a reading with a human spirit but many have found it a very healing experience.
I also can provide healing to animals please email me.
It is well known that writing a journal to express your worries and fears is a good way to let things go and understand how you feel. When there has been trauma to write a letter to the person who hurt you (they may have passed or be alive) and burning it is a good way to validate how you feel and let go.
This is similar but you
don't have to write anything down - or you can any read it to me. I provide a safe space, with me to support you, to go through that process.
For some people writing it down is too hard so having a speak to speak and let go where there is no judgement, no record is helpful.
Please be aware I am duty bound by safeguarding so cannot provide this safe space where a crime or hurt has been inflicted in an abusive way to another. I will fully advice of this prior to the appointment.
Yes. I am happy to provide you with any service on my list in person or on line. I work with energy, spirit are energy we do not need to be physically in the same room as each other to achieve this.
I am willing to read pictures but the best results are when you are part of the energy exchange and we talk directly.
If you are not computer savvy and don't use zoom or teams don't worry ring me and we will agree what will work best for you.
Yes. I am willing to work with you to make your event special. I love platform style work and do this regularly at events
I believe mediumship and card reading can be respectfully fun.
I am willing to travel contact me for your needs.
Yes - please contact me to discuss your needs. This works well for elderly or sick relatives who can't travel.
Working with spirit is an energy exchange. Therefore it is important you join our trusted space with an open mind.
If you come believing it is rubbish and unless I give you their full name and date of birth or say a specific word, it is not true then you will bring negative energy to the read.

You should expect to recognise who I am speaking about their personality. I will ask you for minimal information just yes/no/ don't know.

Have you ever played charades? Imagine you are in a team with people you have never met, who cant talk and you still have to figure out and pass on the clue. Mediumship is like that, it wont always be exact straight away (unless its on the TV and the no's have been edited out!) I might need to put something in a different way. For example slippers could be that you know exactly why they talk slippers as you bought them a new pair or there was a joke between you, they could also be talking about home comforts or a fall / slip / trip. We will work out and you will get the assurance you need that your person is there.

When I give a mediumship reading, I create a connection,  my voice doesn't change, how I look doesn't change, I don't have a dead person standing next to me I can see. There is nothing to fear. They only bring healing and positive messages.
A medium is somebody who can link with people that have died and pass on communication to others. They do this by linking into the energy from the deceased, providing evidence that the spirit of an individual does not die with their physical body. The evidence they provide should enable you to recognise their personality and your memories of them. They will not always bring names and dates but they should give you sufficient information for you to be assured that you know who has come through.  The medium will usually get a message for you from the spirit. Spirit only bring love and support a medium will never predict death or cause you fear.
A Psychic is someone who connects with your energy and senses information about you to provide a read. This will include how you are feeling, things going on and even things you have been doing recently. Sometimes they will use cards to help provide direction in the read. By reading your energy they can go onto provide advice and guidance to support a way forward. You retain free will and do not have to follow advice and can change outcomes and potentials through your actions. A good psychic will never bring fear or worry to you. The process should be empowering, like getting advice and insight  from your higher self.
A Clairvoyant is another word for a psychic, it refers to one of the senses we use to receive and interpret the energy from you (in a psychic read) and from spirit (in a mediumship read). The word Clairvoyant means 'to see' in reality most readers use multiple senses when we read - a knowing, a voice, a thought, we hear, we see, we smell it's all about trusting what comes through and sharing it with the sitter (person having the read).